I am a scriptologist, software engineer, and designer.

Names & Languages

Nothing is random in human languages, and names—the cornerstone of every language—are not an exception.

Here's how to write my name in different languages, maintaining the meaning, encoded in Unicode.

Given Name Family Name Script Lang. Endonym (Native) Exonym (English)
Q4880939 Q2064908 Qaaq qaq Q2013 Wikidata 1
ܒܗܢܡ Syrc arc ܐܪܡܝܐ Aramaic
Behnam Latn az Azərbaycan Azeri
بهنام Arab azb تورکجه Azeri
Ishpabadh Latn ca Català Catalan
Spahbod Latn de Deutsch German
Behnam Spahbed Latn en English English
Spahbod Latn es Español / Castellano Spanish
Spahbod Latn eu Euskara Basque
بهنام اسفهبد / سپهبد Arab fa فارسی Persian 2
Spahbod Latn fr Français French
Behnám Latn hu Magyar Hungarian
Բեհնամ Armn hy Հայերեն Armenian
Behnam Spahbod Latn it Italiano Italian
スパーフベド Kana ja 日本語 Japanese
Spahbodas Latn lt lietuvių Lithuanian
اسپهبد Arab mzn مازِرونی Mazandarani 3
𐭡𐭤𐭭𐭠𐭬 𐭮𐭯𐭠𐭧𐭯𐭲 / 𐭮𐭯𐭠𐭧𐭯𐭲𐭩 Phli pal Middle Persian / Pahlavi
Spahbod Latn pl Polski Polish
Behnam Aspabedes Latn pt Português Portuguese
Бехнам Спахбод Cyrl ru Русский Russion
Sepahbod Latn sl Slovenščina Slovene / Slovenian
ܒܗܢܡ Syrc syc ܣܘܪܝܝܐ Syriac 4
Behnam Latn tr Türkçe Turkish
ыспахбут Cyrl tt татар Tatar
Бехнам Cyrl tg Toçikī Tajik / Tajiki Persian
Спахбод Cyrl uk Українська Ukrainian

  1. This is also my best guess for what Qfwfq—who is as old as the universe and has taken various forms—would call me. 

  2. The pronunciation is [beh'nɑːm] [es'fæh'bod]

  3. See also House of Ispahbudhan, one of the seven Parthian clans of the Sasanian Empire. 

  4. See also Saint Behnam, a 4th-century Christian saint in the Oriental Orthodox Church, who—along with his sister, Sarah—was martyred by order of his father, Sinharib (ܣܢܚܪܝܒ), an Assyrian king. The king built Mar Behnam Monastery as a penance for this killing, which was distroyed in 2015.